LSTN Wants To Change The Way You Think About Music

And they do a pretty good job.

It’s not often that you find a headphone company imbued with a powerful sense of purpose. It’s also even rarer to find a headphone company that can create high quality, cost efficient, and socially aware products while keeping everything in a stylish package. I’ll stop leading you on- I’m talking about a company called LSTN.

So what does LSTN actually do?

For starters, they make some refined and good sounding headphones. Furthermore, they contribute a portion of the proceedings from each sale to the Starkey Hearing Foundation-an organization dedicated to bringing free hearing aids and health care to underprivileged people around the world who suffer from hearing loss. So far, LSTN has been able to help out over 20,000 individuals using the money they’ve earned in countries such as the US, Peru, Kenya, Uganda, China, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Jakarta, and Mexico. LSTN plans to expand their scope of assistance to include many more countries.

In addition to the humanitarian aid LSTN provides, they are also helping preserve the environment by using renewable materials as the main construction staples of their products, including many different types of wood. The wood enhances the acoustic qualities of LSTN’s headphones and speakers, and looks really good too. All of their products give off a retro vibe, and feel high quality.

While they don’t have as many products as Sony, the branding of Bose, or the reputation of Sennheiser, LSTN holds its own in the cold battlefield of audio hardware. Their flagship headphones, Encore, is a well-balanced mix of sound quality, style, and comfort. It’s acclaimed by almost all who review it, with the same holding true for their mid range and budget-minded offerings.

Even the Bowery earbuds, priced at a mere $50, exude a premium feeling and retro vibe

Consistent Quality, Consistent Style

A problem that many headphone makers face is a drop-off in quality for their lower-tier and budget options. In an effort to meet certain price brackets, they cut corners, and thusly compromise the product. It’s apparent in companies like Bose, and JBL: LSTN is different. Even in their lower-priced offerings, LSTN maintains a good price-to-performance ratio, without sacrificing build quality. Their design language is consistent and refined.

It’s rare to find a company that offers so many compelling options within each of their price brackets. It’s rarer to find one that can do so while bringing so much good into the world. Sound quality, build quality, branding aside: I think it is worth buying a pair of LSTN headphones just to support their cause. If you like what you see, check out LSTN on their official website.

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Tech enthusiast. Audiophile. PC builder. Reviewer. Writer.