Ganss G.S Mechanical Keyboard (Cherry MX Brown Switches)

Before I bought this keyboard, I had a problem. I wanted a mechanical keyboard with genuine Cherry MX Brown switches, with solid construction-but I only had $70 to spend. The Ganss G.S solved this problem.

Utilizing a ten-keyless layout and standard printed keys, the G.S Ganss is probably the best mechanical keyboard for clackers on a budget. I really don’t get a cheap feeling from any part of this keyboard. There is little to no flex in the board, and there is a significant heft to it. The layout is satisfying, as it allows me to not sacrifice usability for the sake of compactness. I have a relatively small desk, so the saved space is a god-send.

If you have not used a mechanical keyboard before, I would definitely recommend it. Mechanical keyboards are much more comfortable to type on, and lend a number of health benefits as well, including reducing the chances of getting a carpal tunnel by reducing wrist strain.

The switches on this board are pretty loud, so if you are bothered by noise while you type or live with someone who is, you may want to consider other keyboards, or a board with a quieter switch.

My only complaint with this board is that the keycaps are pretty standard. The legends are of a strange font and color that might not jive well with some people. Luckily, it is easy to replace them. For around 10 dollars you can get a set of basic black keycaps that will fit on the Cherry MX switches on this board.

Overall, if anyone is on a budget looking for a good, barebones, genuine Cherry MX keyboard, look no further. At $65, this keyboard is a steal.

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